How much is postage and packaging?

If you are in the UK, all P&P for keepsake jewellery is free.  We will send your print kit out to you, include a stamped addressed envelope to return the prints in and post the finished keepsake jewellery back to you.  If you are outside of the UK, a small charge is made to cover these costs, international shipping will be calculated at checkout.

I don’t have Paypal, can I still shop with you online?

Yes! Simply click on to checkout & it will load Paypal automatically, you will be asked to sign in or underneath ‘Checkout as Guest’ this is the option you require & you can purchase your chosen keepsakes with a debit card.

Is the keepsake jewellery real silver?

We use 99.9% fine silver to create all our hand, foot and fingerprint jewellery. Fine silver is the purest silver available and preserves the most amount of detail in the prints of the finished jewellery.
Is the keepsake jewellery hallmarked?
The only way to get silver jewellery officially hallmarked is to send it away to the assay office, this is a costly and lengthy process.  For this reason I do not generally hallmark the jewellery.  Hallmarking is not a requirement on items under 7.78g.

I’m a perfectionist, will my jewellery be perfect?
All items are completely handmade from scratch and will have some slight imperfections which add to their charm and uniqueness. The quality of my work is very high, and I always put a lot of effort into minimising the imperfections, but the pieces will have an organic, handmade feel to them. If you are looking for a ‘factory finish’ I don’t think I can help you.

How do I take finger, hand or foot prints?

Once payment has been received we will send you our order form together with a FREE print kit depending on the type of jewellery you have chosen. The kit includes detailed instructions on how to obtain the best possible prints, it is very easy so you dont need to worry! If you experience any difficulty taking the prints or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on 07968040059. If you already have prints that you would like us to use we ask you to send them to gemma@dottyaboutphoebe.co.uk as a high resolution JPEG attachment.

Once you have your prints please scan and email them to us on gemma@dottyaboutphoebe.co.uk If you aren’t able to scan and email then we can send you a stamped address envelope.

What if the print doesn’t come out well?

All being well the prints will be perfect. If they are not completely smudged, then the prints should be fine to use. I can edit out any smudges on fingers or toes. Also do not worry if you have got your own prints on the paper either as again I can edit these. You can always send us your prints (hand and footprint) via email for me at gemma@dottyaboutphoebe.co.uk to evaluate. If we need to retake the prints we will send out another kit at a cost of £5.

How long does it take to make the jewellery?

All our items are individually handmade made with due care and attention , each piece goes through various stages of design and creation. We aim to get your finished product/s to you as soon as possible, but in general our turnaround time is 28 working days, especially over busy periods such as Christmas, Mothers Day& Fathers Day. If you have an urgent order please contact us and if we can we will try to ensure we can get it to you in the timescale you require.

Is it just baby and childrens keepsakes you make?

Absolutely not! Keepsakes can be made from anyones hand, foot or fingerprints. We can even do your furry friends too! We can also transform artwork and handwriting into beautiful pieces of jewellery.

A loved one has passed away if it possible to take their prints?

Yes! If you have lost someone recently, we may have to work quickly to get prints collected from your loved one.  Please contact me as soon as possible to arrange a print kit to be sent to you or a family/friend if you would prefer. Usually funeral directors or maternity departments will be happy to collect the prints for you, my kits are very simple to use and come with full step by step instructions, but if you would like me to speak to the person looking after your loved one then I would be happy to do so.

For an adult or older child, you can choose whether you would like to have fingerprints or a full hand or foot print.  For young children and babies, I generally recommend a full hand or foot print as they often do not have much definition on their fingerprints.  Of course, if you would like to purchase kits for both then you are welcome to do so.  The kits are just £5 each, including postage. There is no obligation to turn your prints into jewellery but by having the prints gives you the option to do so in the future.