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Raised Impressions

Our Raised Impressions are a life-sized keepsake beautifully framed to display in your home forever.

Product Description

Our Raised Impressions are a wonderful keepsake item to treasure, capturing a 3D impression in soft clay, our Raised Impressions can be finished in a variety of finishes & framed from a wide selection of colors and coloured mounts. Raised Impressions capture the actual size, shape, wrinkle and line in your loved ones hands and feet.

However these casts are not just for humans, pet pawprints are a very popular keepsake item to treasure as our furry friends are just as much part of the family.
Castings take approximately 10-15 minutes, these are then transformed into your beautiful keepsake. Over the next week or two, the casts are dried, finished and framed.

To arrange a casting and view our selection of finishes and frames please contact me.

Prices start from £85


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