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‘Beads of Milk’ Breastmilk Beads


breastmilk bead plain
New for 2018! ‘Beads of Milk’

Our keepsake Breastmilk Beads which fit popular brands of Bracelets such as Pandora.


Product Description

New for 2018, ‘Beads of Milk,’ Breastmilk Beads to fit popular bracelets such as Pandora. Our ‘Beads of Milk’ have been developed to give you an amazing keepsake from such a special time with your little one. Our ‘Beads of Milk’ are carefully preserved through a thorough process before creating your own individual piece of jewellery.

Our ‘Beads of Milk’ come as pure milk beads with just our special preservative, or we can add a bit of extra sparkle. We can also try and accommodate your unique ideas to create a truly stunning & individual piece of keepsake jewellery just for you. So we really do encourage you to get in touch with us & get creative!

So far in our workshop we have created ‘Beads of Milk’ with a Pearlescent shimmer, beads with glitter flakes in a variety of colours in addition to our simple beads, more designs are being developed.

We can also add a lock of your little persons hair to our ‘Beads of Milk’ – at no extra cost!

How do you order & what is the process?

We will send out a kit for you to post your milk back to us. We require 30ml of milk to ensure we have enough milk once it has been processed. The kit will explain how to send the mil/k back to us at Dotty about Phoebe.

Do we have any other products in the Breastmilk Range? YES!

We are so excited to launch these beautiful keepsakes, and we have for the first time added Rings into our product catalogue. Our Breastmilk Rings will be available very soon & we are also launching our Locks of Love Rings!

Additional Information

Beads Of Milk

Plain, Iridescent Milk, Clear Glitter Flakes, Pink Glitter Flakes, Blue Glitter Flakes


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