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3D Castings of Hands and Feet

3D Casts are quite possibly the ultimate keepsake, capturing your little ones hands and feet exactly how they are in that moment in time.

A&B 3D Cast

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Product Description

Capture your little persons hands and feet in a 3D casting. 3D Castings are a beautiful way to capture every little line, wrinkle, nail and scrunched up finger or toe in that particular moment in time so they can be treasured forever. Our 3D castings of hands and feet or both are a lasting memory of how tiny your baby was…as I know all too well they grow up so quickly!

There are a number of finishes to choose from including antique silver and gold or a pearlescent white (other finish colours can be requested) Our antique finishes allow tiny details to be accentuated, while the shimmery pearlescent white highlights details as the light catches it.

We recommend that the 3D casts are framed and these come in a range of styles and finishes. I have examples of frames for you to choose from when we take the casts. You can also choose the colour of the backmount for the frames from a selection including black, white, coffee, grey, cream, pink and blue. So these really are a very personalized bespoke piece that incorporates your very own style!

Due to the complexity of the process home visits can only be offered within a 10 mile radius of Broadstairs, Kent. Please contact for a quote on fees if outside of this area. 3D castings (and Raised Impressions) can be taken in my home studio to keep your place mess free!

Prices range from £80 for a single foot for babies younger than 6 months

There are several casting combinations that you can choose from for example a single hand or foot, two hands, two feet, a hand and a foot, two hands and two feet. Our ‘Love Cast’ is a show stopper that always gets lots of amazing comments. Please contact for a quote on babies or children older than 6 months.

Casts are not exclusively for tiny babies, we are able to cast the whole family! Sibling casts look beautiful together in a frame and are definitely a possibility.

I also offer Keepsake Parties, where you can gather your friends and family to cast your babies & receive special ‘Host’ discounts, please contact me for further details.


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