February 2017 Blog – Why Dotty about Phoebe?

Is it really February? My New Years Resolution is to make sure I keep up with my blog posts!

As this is only my second blog post I wanted to share with you a little bit about myself and ‘Dotty about Phoebe. ‘

A question I have been asked by many customers & lovely people I meet while I am being ‘Dotty about Phoebe’ is are they my childrens names? My answer is yes & no! Dotty is my eldest daughters middle name, she was named after my grandmother Doris who was also known as Dotty. My youngest daughters middle name is Phoebe after my husbands Aunt on his Dads side.

Dotty about Phoebe was a natural choice in names as my daughters are my reason for setting up this business. Being sentimental at heart I know how quickly babies change & how precious these moments in time are, I have also seen how precious & fragile life is. I am so lucky to have my two girls for different reasons. My eldest was born very premature at 23 weeks weighing 1lb 3oz & was in hospital for a mere 164 days before she first came home with us. In that time she spent 19 days in the Oliver Fisher SCBU in Medway, over 4 months in the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton and 2.5 weeks at QEQM Margate SCBU. Her story is one that had ups and extremely terrifyiholding hands alanang lows – by some miracle she had the strength to battle in the face of adversity. She is now an energetic 3.5 year old who has a few issues with delayed development particularly speech & communication, that said, she is incredible for the the journey she has had!

So my youngest daughter was born full term after a very uneventful pregnancy. I had major surgery the year after my eldest was born to ensure the same thing did not happen with going into very early premature labour again. She was however classed as having IUGR (Inter-uterine growth restriction) and by some stroke of luck my C-Section was performed in the nick of time, as without me realising (due to huge nerves about the C-section) her movements had slowed due to having her cord wrapped very tightly twice around her neck. When she was born her oxygen levels were very low & she needed a fair amount of oxygen and stimulation to get her going. I should by now have alot of grey hairs just from the experiences of having my girls!

Being a mum is by far the hardest ‘job’ in the world, but by far the most rewarding ‘job’. Every moment & milestone is so precious.

Diary Dates to view samples, have prints taken by myself & book castings:

Sat 25th Feb – Little Ones Market – Parish Social Centre Whitstable

Sat 8th April – Whitstable & Thanet Baby & Childrens Market – Swalecliffe Community Hall, Whitstable

Sat 13th May – Whitstable & Thanet Baby & Childrens Market – St Peters Church Hall, Hopeville Avenue, Broadstairs

One last note to add……Mothers Day - Sunday 26th March