May 2017 Blog Post – Celebrating Milestones.

Previously I have written a blog post about why I started my Keepsake business. My main reasons are powered by my natural instincts to celebrate milestones and moments in time as I am a sentimental person. I feel its so important to record of my own daughters milestones and growth as they grow up so quickly and seem to be a new born one moment and a toddler that’s learning to talk the next. Each stage is so lovely & it is about embracing and capturing those precious times before the next stage begins.

silver handwriting charm

Recently I posted on my Facebook page a charm I created to celebrate the huge achievements of my eldest daughter. Alana was born at 23 weeks gestation weighing 1lb 3oz & spent 164 days in hospital. Initially before I gave birth I was given all the really frightening facts and figures by the ‘Baby doctors’ and told survival at this gestation was around 15-20%. The first hurdle was surviving the birth, then the first 24, 48, and 72 hours were critical. So fastforward 3 years and 9.5 months (eeek!) and we have been practicing letter recognition for important letters for important people. She recognises ‘A’ in every word she sees and we have been learning to write an ‘a’ by going “around with a tail.” I thought I would give her a challenge and learn how to write an ‘l’ and an ‘n.’ So to cut a long story short we practised and each time we added the letter to her masterpiece. I had to guide her hand slightly and stop her from scribbling all over it each time but we got an amazing looking ‘Alana’ which she was super proud of (and so was I).

This was definitely something I had to make a charm from! As yet she hasn’t drawn a picture so we have no artwork just a huge pile of scribbles, bless her, so I am waiting for that day when she draws a picture of a person looking like a big fat potato and maybe I can create a charm from that too.

I’m actually going start making her a charm bracelet to give her on her 18th Birthday which will have her first handwriting charm, a ‘Locks of Love’ first curl charm, and a hand, foot & fingerprint charm.


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