July My Story: Why I started & How I started

This month The Keepsake Company has challenged us to a marketing challenge with the theme of ‘My Story.’ As we draw to the end of week two I wanted to put together a blog reflecting on the last two weeks of why I started and how I started. This challenge comes at a time when Dotty about Phoebe is approaching ONE whole year since our launch!


Blog from marketing challenge

Day 1: My Motivation. I posted a video of me & my daughter at 8 weeks, not long after my first ever cuddle (I have included a photo instead of our very first cuddle – do I look happy?) 💖 This was while she was in the care of TMBU in Brighton where she spent just over 4 months of her 164 days in hospital x

Day Two: A fact about myself: I actually have a 2:1 BA Hons Degree in Geography

Day three I am thinking about a motivational quote  This one can be applied to so many scenarios for many people, but this definitely links with my Day 1 post and my inspiration behind my business.

Day 4 of ‘My Story’ and why I started ‘Dotty about Phoebe’ & today is all about what makes me different. Where do I start?
Although many of the keepsakes in my range are similar to other keepsake companies we all have our differences, from our motivations, our branding and where we are in our business.

So being a small business is really hard work – I am a one man band, a small local business, a mum & a teacher. I dont try to be something I am not, my branding is honest and reflects the handmade nature of my business, I haven’t tried to emulate bigger businesses that have teams of makers and sleek packaging. I hope when people buy from me they see that they are buying from a working mum who has trained with some of the most amazing keepsake artists & that each sale means so much as its allowing me to grow my business that little bit more & be closer to my goal of making this a ‘full time’ entity 

Day 5 of My Story: “Life before Keepsakes.”
This photo was on my wedding day almost 5 years ago! A friend of mine make these gorgeous keepsake cufflinks for my hubby to wear on our wedding day as a piece to keep a loved one close on our wedding day. I’m also wearing my grandma’s ring on my middle finger – she was Doris aka ‘Dotty.’ So keepsakes have been with me for a fair few years before I started creating my own just a year ago. So really although I’m ‘new’ to making keepsakes my love for them is not 

Day 6; The Product I fell in 💖 with….Bracelet Charms!

Day 7: What makes me happy in my business…💖
💜 I love making jewellery & creating a piece from scratch.
💜I love making something really precious for someone else & something that they will treasure forever!
💜I also absolutely LOVE getting amazing feedback as it makes what I do so worth while!

Day 9:  Learning new skills. Yesterday I mentioned that my very first piece I made was a charm for myself (of course!) I was so excited to make it and see something I had created from scratch from a piece of silver. It was so satisfying finishing the charm and adding it to a chain to wear. I was immensely proud of my achievement as it was the jewellery side of keepsakes that I really fell in love with & wanted to create more of. Since this first piece I have learnt so much and improved my technique with ongoing support from the fabulous ladies at #TKA

Day 10! This quote really is my motivation for setting up Dotty about Phoebe, its about embracing the moment and capturing those precious moments, as before we know it our little ones are not so little anymore 

Day 11: How is all started! – Lets talk about BIG decisions!
**What BIG decisions are you trying to make?**

So taking the plunge and starting Dotty about Phoebe was a risk, really scary and quite daunting! I did’nt want it to fail as I had put so much time, effort and money into it. I knew nothing about websites and facebook adverts but I knew I wanted to do something I would LOVE and something that would give me flexibility to work around my precious girls. Sometimes life takes you towards opportunities and you need to grab them with two hands (however daunting it might be). My husband has often heard me say “If you don’t do it someone else will!”

Day 12: Are you a mummy with your own business? I would love to hear about your business (and share some <3) So please comment below & share this post – its your chance to show other people how amazing you are whilst raising tiny humans 

Day 13! Here is my first ever 3D Casting! It’s by no means an easy technique to master! I LOVE this piece as it has huge sentimental meaning to me – this was me sharing my ‘Love Cast’

Day 14: Share your first testimonial: So I am deviating from the brief on this post. I love all the feedback I get from my customers, however this testimonial stands out from the crowd and really struck me. I had no idea how special this keepsake would be when I was making it, many of the Locks Of Love charms I make have a bit of back story to them. I have actually made more memorial pieces than I expected to. I am so touched when people ask me to create a keepsake for a loved one that has passed. In all honesty I do feel alot of pressure to get it right as I know how much it means to the customer, but I guess thats what makes me human and what makes ordering from a small business more special

“So I came home yesterday from saying Goodbye to my younger sister to find this had arrived in the post. A lock of her hair in a beautiful clear glitter bead. Absolutely love it, thank you so much 😍💜💜 It will never leave me 😇”