Dotty’s Friends

We work with many wonderful suppliers of not just the raw materials which go into making our products but also wonderful people who also help create Keepsakes & train other keepsake artists like myself. Here are a list of Dotty about Phoebe’s friends.

The Keepsake Co

Founded by Victoria Casebourne, the Keepsake Co was the original Keepsake company in the UK providing handmade wonderful momentos having sourced many materials from the US to provide mums and dads with lovely pieces to treasure. Fastforward over 14 years and The Keepsake Co are now a leading training provider and support network of around 50 keepsake artists providing a range of individual keepsakes with their own personality and style. Dotty about Phoebe belongs to the Keepsake Association, we pride ourselves on working together, supporting each other and delivering quality and high standards.

Lasting Touch 

Gemma is a fellow keepsake artist based in Yorkshire also part of the Keepsake Association. Gemma has been running her business for 4 years and started Lasting Touch after becoming redundant from her job as a breastfeeding peer supporter and trainer. Gemma has a keen eye for design and has recently been on the Metal Clay Training Academy Conference to learn some new super duper jewellery design techniques.

Metal Clay


Palmers Metals